Resistance -Metal Machine Review

Formed in 2000, Resistance hail from that glorious sunshine region of metal, Los Angeles. After releasing two acclaimed albums and an E.P. they are back with their new album Metal Machine.

Things kick off with the title track from the record. Metal Machine begins with synth and hammers pounding before moving into heavy riffs delivered at breakneck speed, accompanied by thunderous drumming and soaring vocals. A cracking opening track. Next up is Hail To The Horns, beginning with harmonised guitars, before moving into the fast thrilling pace known worldwide as symbolising the metal world. Rise and Defend is a mosh pit worthy song, a stand and deliver type number, where no shit is taken whatsoever.  Some Gave All is a massive sounding, galloping tribute to those who fight for what they believe in and those who serve.

Time Machine begins with a clean intro before moving into shred territory, it is a number that is sure to catch the eyes, just as the songs before it are as well. Dirty Side Down starts with the running of a bike, then progresses into pounding rhythms and serves as a tribute to the high life of whiskey. Heroes, an ode to those who have fallen and a beseeching cry for those heroes left, to be spared. Blackout, a cover of the Scorpions classic delivers the added thump of being done in the present day, a true classic made even heavier.

Metal Machine brings the goods, a solid effort, and one that is sure to give the band new fans. The album is available right now.