Profane Burial

Profane Burial- The Rosewater Park Legend Review

The Tower Bell starts off hauntingly, with choral voices bringing something new and interesting to the fore, when the instrumentation kicks in, you can instantly tell that there is something different about this record. It snarls and growls, but with an added sense of the band knowing where they are coming from. The Stench Of Dying Roses has it all, melody, chaotic instrumentation and brutal and guttural vocals. The Soldier’s Song is driven, powerful and aggressive. A Different Awakening moves and shakes with power.

An Interlude dances across different rhythmic patterns, ensuring the listener is constantly hooked, and tempted into one thought then another. The Letters continues this theme, but delivers it with much more ferocity. The Tale The Witches Wrote comes out with both guns locked and loaded.


The album is out now.