Mad Max

Mad Max-35 Review

Mad Max_35_1500px.jpg

The Hutch is a mix of eerie instrumentation and solid rock opening, adding to the sense that there is most definitely something dark and foreboding approaching. Running To Paradise provides an interesting mix of melody and heaviness, with the vocals weaving in and out to tell a very interesting story. Beat Of The Heart is old school rock and metal combined, a driving riff, sledgehammer drums and some seriously gnarly vocals. D.A.M.N. is another classic rocker, bringing elements from across the board to bear, and ensuring that the listener is kept hooked throughout. Snowdance contains some seriously biting riffs and some very infectious groove. Thirty 5 is slow, reflective, and a song that shakes with the best of them.

Already Gone is another pounding rocker, big on riffs. False Freedom is a thumping, aggressive and dark, bringing some serious groove and bite to proceedings. Goodbye To You is another rocker, fast riffs, blistering solos and a sharp vocal line. Rocky Road is another interesting dance through time, with some big classic rock and roll fills in there. Paris is Burning is another rocker, dark on the edge, and heavy with light elsewhere.

The album is out on 10th August, via SPV/Steamhammer