Inferno-Basado En Hechos Reales Review

inferno - cover album RGB.jpg

“Ruega Por Nosotros,” is haunting and filled with the Gregorian chants of old, belying the anger that lies underneath. The piercing riffs and vocals add the depth to this song. “Tu Sucio Dinero,” rages with the best of them, grooving and in places spitting in the face of conventional wisdom. “Como a Marionetas,” another blistering middlefinger to the establishments of the world. “Vuestra Ceguera,” moves with time and pace, slashing through the ground and never quite letting up. “Aprietate el Bozal,” moves with focus and thunder.

“Espiral de Mentiras,” moves with power, thunder and downright anger. “Condenado a Vivir,” another pacing song with thunder and rage. “Sin Domesticar,” a furious onslaught at the world. “Exterminio,” a song that rages and gallops with the best of them. “Noches Sin Tregua,” a fast and furious song that gallops and rages.

The album is out on January 23rd via Necromance Records.