Heir Apparent

Heir Apparent-The View From Below Review


Man In The Sky has echoes of Dream Theater, with the vocals soaring into life, and the guitars echoing around the plain. An interesting opener and one sure to drive things when performed live. The Door comes barrelling in with a thick riff, and some absolute pile driving melodies, an nice divergence from the opener. Here We Aren’t is slower, more thoughtful, a slight reminisce. Synthetic Lies is slower, discordant and definitely a mind bending song.

Savior dances around, shifting and turning with the melodies and burning holes with shredding guitar riffage. Further and Farther builds up, slowly before reaching a crescendo of epic proportions. The Road To Palestine is an orient monster, shredding riffs, and burning melodies, this is Wherever I May Roam on steroids.Insomnia is a riff monster, dancing on the edges and producing charms this way and that.


The album is out on 15th October via No Remorse Records.