Gabriels-Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 2 Review

COVER FIST ACT2 copia.jpg

The Search Of Water Bird starts off this new album,with an interesting mix of synth and guitar driven melodies, pulsating throughout it all, shifting and changing with the varying melodies. Cobra Clan drives forward with big melodious leads and a nice little shifting and changing melody within the vocals. End of Cobra is suitably epic, big bold vocals and shifting, changing tonalities within the guitars creating a nice little dynamic. I See Again is slower, more of a ballad, bringing an interesting shift in dynamic. Scream My Name is slower, with elements of Iron Maiden in the shifting tones and rhythms. Miracle Land is anthemic, big bold vocals and guitar parts shifting together to make the ultimate anthem. I’m A Genius is a nice little mimicry of classic English slapstick.

Looking For Your Brother is a shred fest. Myth of Cassandra dances along, shifting and snarling with the synth leading the way before all comers. Reunion is slower, a ballad with thoughtful melodies thrown in. Legend Of Fear is heavy and dark, throwing in everything it has. King of Fist snarls and dances, with light heartedness and fierceness. Heart of Madness slowly builds to a crescendo with anger and menace and everything powerful in between.

The album is out on 31st August via Rockshots Records.