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Flotsam and Jetsam-The End of Chaos


Thrash Metal titans Flotsam and Jetsam return with a new album. The End of Chaos. And by jove is it a cracking album.

“Prisoner of Time,” starts things off with rapid riffs and a pounding drum beat. The melodies keep things interesting and they drive the song throughout. A great opener. “Control,” is a barrel and a half of pounding thrash metal at its finest. “Recover,” a rocker with a solid thump and a push that leaves no one in any doubt that Flotsam and Jetsam mean business. “Prepare for Chaos,” continues the drive downward, and produces some seriously classic riffs and melodies. “Slowly Insane,” another riff monster that is sure to get people moving in the pit. “Architects of Hate,” is another song that slowly brings the groove together and ensures that the listener is hooked.

“Demolition Man,” continues the charge, relentless and demonic, it is a perfect demonstration of classic thrash metal. “Unwelcome Surprise,” pounds its way to the front and does not let go, ensuring that all and sundry are left rocked. “Snake Eye,” a grievous and powerful song with the thrashing sensibilities to go with it. “Survive,” continues this trend and ensures the listener is left hooked and demand more. “Good or Bad,” delivers a thunderous performance. “The End,” is fast and furious and finishes the album off in style.

The album is out now via AFM Records.