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STEVIE D. feat COREY GLOVER Torn From The Pages

Stevie D & Corey Glover - Torn From The Pages a...

Corey Glover of Living Colour fame joins forces with the maestro Stevie D to release an album of absolute gems.

“Your Time Has Run Out,” is filled with drive and precision that keeps the listener hooked as the vocals soar in and around them. “Wake Up Call,” takes a moment to get going, but with the emphatic riff driving at the fore, it keeps the listener hooked once more, the vocals are filled with class. “Final Resting Place,” is hook worthy, and top heavy, absolutely fantastic. “Strung Out,” slows things down, allowing for a moment of reflection before it drives things up a notch on the bluesy scale. “Fay,” a riff monster that takes the listener by the balls and does not let go. “Haunted,” is soulful. “Now Or Never,” drives the monster at full pelt, bringing with it something nearing perfection.

“Outta My Head,” is anthemic, filled with those big choruses that are a staple of the strip, and the Las Vegas showtunes of old. “Soul To Stone,” slows things down again and adds an extra dimension to the melodies and tunes of old. “Alone Again,” is filled with anthemic melodies and a driving chorus. “This Is The Time,” fills things up with great pleasure and takes a turn here and there, before shifting through. “Final Resting Place Reprise,” is a soulful melody mixed together that then flows effortlessly into “Faceplant,” a riff monster.

This masterpiece of an album is out on 6th September via Mighty Music.

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Transport League-A Million Volt Scream

Transport League - A Million Volt Scream (album...

“A Million Volt Scream,” starts things off with a solid thump, bringing the listener right into the move. “1200 Goddamned,” is another electric performance that takes charge and drives right into the heart of the matter. “Monster Human,” drives things through, slowly and then with gradual speed increases until it turns into an absolute rager. “Dawn Of Lucifer,” takes things up another notch to twist and turn the spectre. “Vultures,” is another boomer and shaker.

“Vanished Empire,” takes things up to ten and then hits another a thousand percent. “Facedown Bondage,” rattles cages, and delivers a kicking to the teeth. “Slave In Orbit,” takes the time to build a groove, before it slowly twists the knife in considerably. “Creature Grunts,” is another savage display of intent that veers one way and then the next with great force. “Rabid Horizon,” is energy filled and chaotic.

The album is out on 6th September via Mighty Music

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“Prologue,” gets the blood pumping from the get go filled with ambitious riffs and some fascinating tempo changes. “The Siren’s Wail,” takes a cherry and smashes it together to produce some absolute fascinating metal riffage. “Full Throttle,” launches into something new entirely, it takes the cake and snarls about it. “Vortex,” is pure heaviness incarnate. “Land Of The Brave,” is anthemic and dynamite.

“Liquid Fire,” takes a chance and throws the dice into an absolute whirlwind. “Broke Down,” rocks the shit out of the melodies given to it. “No Home,” swaggers through, producing some interesting changes and slants.

The album is out on 12th July via High Roller Records.

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Eternal Breath-World Of Chaos

“My Redemption,” comes in thick and fast, with some seriously heavy riffage and a groovy ass melody. “Never Surrender,” continues and dances through the tracts of destruction. “Need For Speed,” is just that, fast and furious with attitude. “Fire,” takes the energy through and rushes it into the world. “Fight For Metal,” is a great start to the procession. “Follow Your Dream,” slows things down a tad, before increasing the heaviness by several notches.

“Power and Glory,” is a riff mastery. “Hard Life,” shifts into gears and produces some fascinating work on the riffs and the melodies. “The Greatest Loss,” shifts the tone and changes things up a little and then a lot. “Revenge,” hammers home some ultimate truths. “Y.P.M.O,” snarls.

The album is out on June 28th via Sliptrick Records.

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MIND KEY MKIII – Aliens In Wonderland

MIND KEY mkIII - aliens in wonderland COVER.jpg

“Alien In Wonderland,” ventures forth with precision and grace, a brilliant opener. “Hank,” is frenetic and electric, with some seriously awesome fret work. “Hate At First Sight,” soars on the air, producing some seriously delicate passages, followed by some seriously aggrandising ventures. “Angry Men,” slows things down, and adds a note of tension to proceedings. “Hands off Cain,” takes the time to slip through the rope and add an extra element of chaos. “Be Polar,” snarls and lets rip.

“Oblivion,” is another song that mixes things up a little, ensuring there is no slacking. “Psycho World,” is bombastic and bold. “Vertigo,” simply epic with the piano playing a key role in shifting the tenure of things. “Pure Heart,” snares into being. “Non-Existence,” a rocker plain and simple.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Records.

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HOLLOW HAZE Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas


“Destinations,” is big and bombastic, the perfect opener. “Oblivion,” shreds its way through and growls its dominance into being. “It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn,” takes a moment to let itself settle in before it goes completely for the gullet and snaps you in half. “Through Space and Time,” is another one that ventures this way and that, to produce the most epic number yet. “I Will Be There,” takes on a tad, and ventures to another realm, shifting through and producing something unique. “The Upside Down,” is another song that produces some masterclasses.

“New Era,” is orchestral rock and roll at its best, shifting the tenure and getting the anticipation just right. “A Different Sky,” keeps things interesting and unique with some flattering phrasing and some seriously ball busting melodies. “Resurrection,” flattens the listener with its melodies and phrasing. “You Are My End and My Beginning,” takes things up another level, shifting the tenure and the precision. “Behind The Wall,” is a fitting closer.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Record.s

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Graham Bonnet Band-Live In Tokyo 2017


“Eyes Of The World,” starts things off boldly. “California Air,” is a shredder that gets the crowd going. “S.O.S” is another dramatic flourish. “Night Games,” is a startlingly anthemic number. “Stand In Line,” turns and twists with a shift through the lines. “Into The Night,” is big and epic. “Love’s No Friend,” is a shredder which jams well. “Dancer,” is bombastic and huge.

“Samurai,” is another number that produces some fascinating results. “Desert Song,” is slow and thoughtful, with a growing twist and take. “Rider,” is another thumping number. “Since You’ve Been Gone,” is a shredder that goes all the way. “Assault Attack,” is a rocker and a riffer all in one. “All Night Long,” keeps the flame alive. “Lost In Hollywood,” takes a twist and a turn. “The Crying Chair,” shifts through.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Records.

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COGNIZANCE Malignant Dominion


“Nocturnal Emission,” takes a turn here, and a twist there and shimmers through the ground rope. “A Lesson Through Sickness,” develops a chaotic urge. “The Organic Citadel,” ventures through and delivers a smash to the face. “Malignant Domain,” is another sharp twist through the edge.

“Strychinine Sift,” takes a sharp bolt to the face. “Ether of the Void,” growls and snarls. “Unforseen Consequences,” takes a moment and then builds itself back up with a hammer fist. “An Existential Battle,” slowly builds through the walls.

The album is out on 6th September via Prosthetic Records.

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“Horsemen Riding,” the opener is filled with bombast and clarity, swinging from the top to the ends with a thundering rhythm. “Love Hungry Man,” combines everything that makes metal great, with a shimmer riff and some swaggering bonds in between. “Long Shiny Knives,” twists and turns, producing a slap to the face and a roar. “Horrors,” the title track is long and foreboding, ensuring that gradually the band and the listener are taken on a journey that ventures throughout the time and space continuum. “Locomotive,” swaggers in and out, defying the odds for a great time. “Black Forest,” is haunting.

“Hush Now,” keeps things quiet and on the down low. “Breaking Bones,” brings the rocker clientele back on the fore. “Roadkill,” riffs the house down with great skill and pride. “Mischief and Disbelief,” is heavy and thunderous. “Rock and Roll Monster,” twists and turns through the line to produce something very grand.

The album is out on 26th July.

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“Headchange,” has some phenomenal riffage to start things off, and then it keeps going. “Hearts On Fire,” is another absolute banger, with some seriously groovy riffage. “She’s Bad,” is a thundering monster that keeps things interesting.

“Run To You,” a heavy cover of  Bryan Adams classic. “When It Rains,” takes things to another level, shifting through and changing direction. “My Last Goodbye,” brings the heaviness back.

The album is out now.