Electric Citizen

Electric Citizen-Helltown Review

Electric Citizen Helltown 4000FINAL.jpg

“Heart Attack,” has that perfectly frayed look, the riff is something of a catch with the melodies from the vocals adding to the chaos perfectly. “Hide It In The Night,” grooves, the riffs are precision brought to life, whilst the vocals are filled with swagger and bite. “Cold Blooded Blue,” has a catchy riff, and a nice little variation on the rhythm pattern, beating in time with the vocal line. “Father Time,” is ethereal and somewhat intimidating from a musical stand point, truly a stand out.

“Ripper,” brings the riffs to the fore once more, dancing around like a mad man, producing something clinical and precise. “The Pawn,” slithers around and grooves with a shake and a stick, the vocals are on fire once more. “New Earth,” slowly advances forward, producing an interesting twist and turn. “Lunch,” slowly builds into a crescendo with the perfect Black Sabbath rhythm, and the patterns truly make it an interesting number. “Mother’s Little Reject,” is swaggering and a middle finger to the establishment.

Helltown is out on 28th September via Riding Easy.