EHFAR-Everything Happens For A Reason Review

Ehfar (2).jpg

“Shout My Name,” begins with a clean guitar intro, slowly shifting between chaotic and energetic. The heaviness comes with the guitars tracing through, slowly the song builds itself up, and ensures that the listener is hooked. There is an element of Muse thrown in within the melody. “Night After Night,” another song that cleans up nicely, snarling with the fumes and biting on the great grooving riffs of the past, this is a song that is sure to go down well when performed live. “Man Behind The Mask,” snarls with some intensity, biting within the limits of scope for the song. It is truly an interesting twist and turn. “Dead End Track,” mixes together some very clever acoustic guitar melodies whilst ensuring that the vocals take centre stage.  “Once Upon A Time,” has a slightly joyous feeling to it, the major scales add some serious flavour to proceedings whilst at the same time ensuring that the listener does not forget the tonality shifts.

“Someone Save Me,” moves within the throes of the huge summer melodies. There is a genuine sense that things are about to get very interesting within the song, and the way the melodies are arranged generally promotes this view. “Victims,” a song that dances and snarls along the pathway, with the bass guitar going into overdrive on the lead. “Master Of Hypocrisy,” a slow and snarling song that brings thunderous applause and dangerous critical mass to everyone, is a song that is sure to bring the thunder. “Losing You,” a song that melds together between subtle melodies and darkness inspiring critical rhythms.

Everything Happens For A Reason is out now via Revalve Records.