Dyecrest-Are You Not Entertained?


Fading/Reaching starts things off with a nice little haunting start, before grooving into absolute heaviness with a brilliant riff that catches the attention and the ear. Red Alert is fast, frenetic and anthemic, a song that is sure to go down well when played live. The Stage is Set is another epic number, playing on the changing guitar melodies and the insanity brought about through shifting vocal melodies. No Fear is brimming with differences, the piano led vocals create a sense of despair but also a sense that there might be something more, the guitar led vocals bring the sense of hope a little further to light. First Born Angel is big and bombastic, from the choral vocals at the introduction, to the guitars and the drums, bombast leads the way and wins. Breaking News is a short number, the anthem of the newsrooms. Are You Entertained shifts with heavy bass swagger, and greater guitar frenetic work, mixing things together.

Where The Light Was Born is soft and heavy, mixing elements of classic melodies with downright heaviness, bringing something that is both epic and also quite chaotic. For The Better is absolute carnage, the guitars drive the song, and the vocals take the chance to move from start to finish with bombast. Devil Dance is filled with swagger, dancing and grooving, with the vocals barking out commands. Nuku Vaan is softer, piano led, driving the song through edges of reality. Winterblood follows Nuku Vaan, softer, melodic and orchestral in parts. The Time Has Come sways with epicness, from the piano leads down to the absolute anthemic choral arrangements.

The album is out May 25th Via Inverse Records.