Black Viper

Black Viper-Hellions Of Fire Review


Hellions Of Fire begins with the acoustic and electric guitars strumming out their melodies, whilst the lead shreds above them, it progresses gradually into a fast paced monster, bringing elements of heaviness, and darkness to the fore. Metal Blitzkrieg is fast with the guitars soaring, and the vocals leading the trail. Quest For Power is epic, snarling, biting and growing in strength as everything progresses. Storming With Vengeance Is fast paced, producing some interesting melody arrangements and shifting through gears nicely.

Suspiria moves from fast paced blitzkrieg, to something with a hint of slowness and melody, but with the underlying speed still present throughout. Freedom’s Reign snarls and bites, bringing in a lot of power and energy. Nightmare Mausoleum is fast paced, long and filled with twists and turns that make every moment worth it.

The album is out 14th September via High Roller Records.