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Black Alice- Sons of Steel

Something In The Air has some interesting flicks and twists, very much down the classic metal elements popular in the eighties. Sons Of Steel is a rocker, pounding around with groove. There’s Hope snarls into being on the back of a pounding drum line and a snarling intuition about everything. Hard Lover is more poppy, with the synths lending a fine ear to proceedings. You And Me is a rocker based off the back of a shredding riff. Fighting For You is a mixed ballad producing highs and lows.

Mr System is a rocker backed by a nice little dirty riff. I’m With You is another slower song, heavily influenced by the eighties. The Burn picks things up again with rocking grooves. Reck keeps the blows up with sheer power. Walk In The Blues delivers a punch. The Burn dances around instrumentally.

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Black Alice-Endangered Species Review

No Warning begins with the guitars beating out a nice rhythm and melody, the vocals come whispering into being changing and growling as suits. Rat Catchers Eyes is fierce, dark and growling, a true rocker. Running Hot, Running Wild drives and springs, moving through the gears, bringing some serious energy to the fore. Hell Has No Fury is good old fashioned metal, big bold riffs, and a pounding rhythm. Wings of Leather is slower, more Black Sabbath than Ac/Dc and that works just fine, producing a shredder of a song. In The Hall Of Ancient Kings is another epic number, with the pounding bass, and the soaring vocal line, carrying the song through. Psycho is fast and brutal.

Roll The Dice has some seriously bitchin’ riffs, a grooving chorus and vocal line and enough to really shift the groove and tone of things. Blade of Slaughter moves up and down, shifting between truly badass and epic with enough groove to ensure the listener is never left wondering. Power Crazy comes howling into being, with a strong riff and an even stronger vocal line. Hellhouse follows a nice bluesy groove, slithering and dancing around whilst the vocals tell an intricate story of a hellhouse. Man Of Metal has another bit of swagger to it, slanting and dancing around all the while. Knightmare follows a nice interesting change of pace, with an acoustic lead and a soaring vocal line.

The album is out 28th September via Karthago Records.