Althea-The Art Of Trees Review

"For Now," is ambient, filled with interesting melodies and noises to really get things moving. "Deformed To Frame," is somewhat heavier, a little bit like Dream Theater it shifts and moves with the times and brings about some interesting progressions. "One More Time," is slightly more discordant and dark, with added frills but with the... Continue Reading →


"Beyond The Line of Being," is a haunting and clanging introduction, a song that turns and twists with an interesting flourish. "Cyber Life," comes in with a thunderous and interesting riff, turning with the thunder and bringing the vocals to the fore. "Alienation Deal," a jagged, stop and start, shifting once and then again. "Stairs,"... Continue Reading →

Firmo-Rehab Review

"A Place For Judgement Day," comes with an interesting melody on the guitar, it then slowly grooves with time and finesse to ensure that the listener is hooked. "Heart of Stone," is slower, more reflective and a song that is sure to keep audiences hooked when performed live. "Shadows and Lights," big and anthemic, a... Continue Reading →

Paranoid Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking to Jocke the bassist from Paranoid about the band and the new album:    What inspired the formation of the band? - The plan was that me and Åke would've recorded with our other band called "Desperat". Lack of inspiration, and that I just got home from a funeral,... Continue Reading →

Hypnos Interview

What inspired the formation of the band and what are your influences? In 2013 Oskar W and Fredrik (guitarist in the first formation of Hypnos) started talking of starrting a band. They soon met up with bass player Anton and drummer Idun. The big question was who was going to be the vocalist? Idun had... Continue Reading →

Ashes Collide-First Collide Review

"Universe," a rocker and a great opener, it comes with the sold thumping of the melodies and the beat. Taking charge, when the vocals come in and get the listener to move their head in time. "No Fear," a song filled with swagger from the riffs to the vocal arrangements. "Talk," a more modern day... Continue Reading →

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