The Sticky Fingers Ltd

The Sticky Fingers Ltd. Point Of View Review

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“Bad Mood,” comes in with that rocking groove, slanting this way and that. Never quite letting the listener catch their breath, whilst at the same time ensuring that the listener is hooked on the edge. “You Don’t Have To Go,” filled with fat choruses, and fatter melodies, is a grooving song that changes the time and the pace. “Hope You Like It,” is classic rock in all its glory. Shifting with a pounding riff, and some awesome call and response vocals. “Be Your Man,” is another classic rocker, bringing out the stops in full and not stopping for its duration. “Shine,” a bluesy number, with the acoustic taking the lead before the guitars kick in hit you in the face.

“Underdog,” has some interesting components to it. A call and response intro, before moving into ball breaking riffs and energy. “I’ll Go Alone,” thunders in with the drums, but simmers down when the vocals kick in. “This Misery,” a jangling back and forth, shifting and turning with the winds, and the choral changes. “North Star,” another rocker led by a ball busting riff. “Naked Soul,” a bluesy finish that leaves the listener sated but also desperate for more.

The album is out now.