Zarpa-Viento Divino

The Spanish legends are back with their new album Viento Divinio, and boy does it pack a punch.

“Al Despertar,”shreds and moves with furious energy and ballsiness. “Centinelas De La Tierra,” carries that epic spirit into overdrive, with a thundering riff and some serious vocal work. “Corazon De Dragon,” is a thundering riff monster that delivers and slams down the rails with energy and power. “Yo Contra El Mundo,” belies expectations and shimmers into energy and aggression with power and might. “La Bestia,” moves with energy and takes a sledgehammer to the face of the listener.

“Viento Divino,” the title track is a riff shreddage masterpiece never letting go and not letting down without some serious groove and energy. “El Dia Fina,” smashes into the ground and produces something powerful and electric. “Los Ojos de Ibrahim,” is haunting, serene and maddening with fascinating energy and power. “La Caja de Pandora,” is a monstrous beast of a song that delivers on all promises. “Tiempo De Luchar,” smashes down the door and kicks the shit out of the listener.

The album is out on May 17th.