Woven Man

Woven Man-Revelry In Our Arms Review

WM - HI.jpg

“Calling Down The Leaves,” a barrage of energy and might. The riffs come chugging into being with power, the vocals snarl and weave a tale around the listener leaving them hooked and wanting more. “I am Mountain,” slows things down, and brings the ten tonne hammer down with might. The listener is once more hooked onto everything being done and said. “With Willow,” took a sharp turn right and kept powering through, bringing energy and might forth.

“Maker,” slows things down once more, bringing some thought and breathing space to proceedings, before launching into another slammer fest. “Of Sky and Land,” an adventure in as many words, bringing eclectic riffs, and soaring melodies and highs to the fore.

The album is out on 11th January via Undergroove.