Wolfen Interview



  1. What inspired the name and formation of the band and what are your influences?

We were inspired by the 1980s movie Wolfen. The name sounded cool and we did like the idea of this reborn indian warriors as wolfs. It is a clan with a lot of power, acting together against  all odds. And as you can see, we are still here and still alive, too. We never tried to copy a style, but to achieve our own sound. Our influences are of course the bands of the NWOBH and the Bay Area Thrash, but also bands of the present. Everyone of us has got his own favourites and altogether you will get the sound of Wolfen.



  1. How do you approach writing and recording music and has that changed at all during the course of your career?


There are different ways for songwriting. Sometimes we are just jamming and creating an idea. But most times someone has got an riff or complete song and we are working on it as long as necessary. In the past I did write the most songs and Andreas von Lipinski or we both wrote them together. Today we have got another great songwriter with Andi Doetsch in the band. On the new album is one song written just by him and he has got co-writing credits for four further songs. But it always will sound like Wolfen. I promise.




  1. With Rise of the Lycans what themes were you wanting to explore? Are there any songs in particular that stand out?


Andreas did write a story on four songs, but most lyrics are not a special theme. He tries to get interesting stories on the songs, that will fit with the music. There were no plans for the new album, just to get the power of our new members to the CD/Vinyl. It is a great pleasure to have these awesome musicians in our band. Siggi gives Wolfen such a big punch in the stomach and Andi is brilliant guitarist. And that is the main difference to the old Wolfen. We have got now the chance for some crazy leadguitar battles. When I heard the first time the finished songs, I told the guys, that I think we never sounded that good since the Truth Behind album. All killers, no fillers. The sound that our producer Martin created is just mindblowing. I love it.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


Our plan for the future is just to play as much as possible. We think that the fans will love this album and we will have a great time at the concerts. We will start in June playing live and the fans will see and hear the new power of Wolfen, straight into their faces.

Don’t forget, the Wolfen is always gonna get ya!


Wolfen-Rise Of The Lycans


Hailing from Germany, Wolfen have produced an album that sits right up there in the power metal pantheon. Rise of the Lycans delivers a soaring and sweltering blast of metal that is sure to leave fans of the band as well as new listeners on the edge of their seats.

Starting with Rebirth Of The Regulators with its thumping one two and sweep picked lead intro, the listener can immediately tell that the band mean business. The galloping riffs and the grit of the vocals ensure that this is a song that is sure to get people moving when played live. Genetic Sleepers is an even more brutal song. The riffs are simply amazing, a dig deep into the mind of the beast as it were, the vocals are furious and demonic. Forgotten Dreams is epic, a song that takes the listener on a journey through time and space and ensures that none forget where they are with the rhythms and the melodies dancing throughout. Xenophobia explores an interesting and difficult concept, through the riffs and the pounding rhythms of the rhythm section we are led through the story. Science and Religion is a mix of careful harmony between guitar and bass, and subtle pounding and destruction as the heaviness kicks in and the vocals take the band to new heights.

Timekeeper is frenetic in its drive and devotion to the basics of thrash, a brutal and brilliant riff, and a simple hookline to bring the listener into what the vocalist is singing. A brilliant take on a classic tradition. Rise Of The Lycans is a monster of a song, with a big booming riff, that carries the song, the vocals are sharp and to the point. The Rhythms are in sync with the overall feel of the song. Succubus is a darker, more menacing song, and it is one that creates a sharp focus and contrast between some other material on the album. New World Order is filled with swagger, swagger that carries itself throughout the song and ensures that this goes down as a brilliant closer.

This is a brilliant album, be sure to get it when it is released via Pure Steel Records on 22nd June.