Wolfen Reloaded

Wolfen Reloaded- Changing Time Review

Amazing starts things off with an interesting clean passage, that fluctuates between melodic, dark and foreboding. The drums come in next, building up tempo, the vocals come in then, with the energy and power that one expects of them. The song continues down this ominous route, and eventually kicks off, and the album really gets going. Promised Land is heavy as anything, the riffs are seriously brutal, and as such the song is carried on the back of them, the vocals, the drums, they all contain the hints of heaviness the intro riff first brought to the fore. All The Heroes is another interesting shift and change, bringing energy and thoughtfulness all in one. A Million Faces has a similar energy to Amazing, slow, but with chaotic energy, a nice build up. Frozen is similar though with more major key overtones, before bringing a big riff and a sense of the 90s.

Tomorrow Never Comes is an interesting lesson in changing sound whilst remaining downright heavy and grooving. The guitars lead the way here with their nice little fluctuations and their interesting twists and turns, it’s definitely something that will get a good reception when performed live. Judgement Day is epic, starting off clean before moving into a nice little reggae sort of beat. All Hope Is Lost is slow, reflective and thoughtful. Cyber Nation has an infectious bass riff to open things off, the guitars slither all over proceedings as well, this is going to be a sick song to see live. New Horizon is acoustic, it is mixed and it is a great closer.

The album is out now.