Blackslash, Witchtower

Witchtower/Blackslash- A Tribut To Randy Review

A tribute to Randy, a two-band album containing songs from Spain’s Witchtower and Germany’s Blackslash, promises to be one hell of an album.

When the first song The Beast by Witchtower kicks in, one is met by a deafening crunch of guitars, and soaring vocals that set the tone for the rest of the record. Drunk As Hell is a rocker, a balls to the walls type of song that would get the crowd going when played live. Ride Or Die is a rocker and another song that is set to get crowds moving.

Next up is Blackslash with It’s Got To Be Love, a song that starts with a clean guitar fill, and creates a sense that there is something melancholic that is coming, the song about war and the desolation that comes from it. It moves into a hopeful song, as the guitars turn into overdrive, making the song seem less downtrodden than might have been feared. Night City Street Lights is next, bringing crushing guitar tones and riffs to the fore, the vocals are what keep the song going, rooted in the description and solid tales. Eyes Of A Stranger is a fast paced song that continues where Witchtower left off, bringing melodies, riffs and a tale of what might happen with strangers should they go unchecked.

The album is a good taste of what both these bands are capable of, and as such I would most definitely recommend getting the record when it is released on April 13th via Puresteel Records.