Where's My Bible

Where’s My Bible-M’N’R Review

A buzzsaw starts things off for M’N’R and from there we progress into something a bit heavier. Speedload has swagger, groove, and monstrous vocals galore, ensuring it is definitely a highlight. Dancefloor is pounding, grooving and an interesting take on the genre. Absinth is carried by the heavy bass riff, that dances and plunders, ensuring that the listener does not miss a beat. Interlude dances along the lines, ensuring that there is something solid, protruding from the middle.

Meatholder pounds itself into the consciousness of the listener, bringing groove, and bite. Me, Myself and I dances, shimmers and shakes to the rhythm. Transcendence is angry, a monster on metal. Failure is slow, haunting and menacing.

The album is out September 21st via Inverse Records.