Wheel In The Sky

Wheel In The Sky-Beyond The Pale


Afterglow is a haunting beginning coming in with some serious juice, the guitars trill and the vocals are slow and haunting. Beyond The Pale picks things up, coming in with some heavy riffage before progressing into some nice little melodies that dance and snarl, the vocals are on point throughout. Undead Love is another rocker, this time the guitars allow the bass and the drums to take charge, the vocals set the scene perfectly. The Only Dead Girl In The City is a rocker, the guitars take charge, and the vocals weave an intricate story around melodies and sharpness. Far Side Of Your Mind is haunting and divergent, moving from one tone to another with expert precision.

Invisible Eye is properly psychedelic, coming in off the fast winds, with a pounding riff, and awe inspiring vocal line, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. Rivers of Dust traverses through the sonisphere, bringing with it some interesting time progressions and melody changes. The Weight Of The Night dances on the back of a solid riff, and an enthralling perspective that ensures it is truly an interesting little melody. Burn Babylon, Burn, starts off softly, with the guitars laying in with a gentle push here and there. It soon picks up with an all mighty roar, a brilliant and epic closer.

The album is out on 21st September via The Sign.