Weight Of The Tide

Weight Of The Tide Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys in Weight of the Tide to discuss their album and the band’s past, present and future:

1.     What inspired the name of the band, what are your influences?

I wish I could say there’s a deep meaning to it. In reality it just came to me one day, as cliche as that sounds. I like the ambiguous nature of it and hope people can draw their own conclusions.
We have a wide array of influences. All brands of metal, rock, some jazz…we all listen to just about anything and each member bring their own spice to the table. 

2.     You’ve all been in various bands over the years, how has that shaped how you work with one another and how you approach live and studio performances?

I guess we all know what we want and how to achieve that. It’s not our first rodeo ya know? We have a great chemistry and work together to build the best songs that we can. Playing live we just do our thing and let the music do the talking for the most part. For the studio we try to be as prepared and rehearsed as possible then follow whatever ideas the environment presents to us.

3.     Where do you get inspiration for lyrics?

Speaking for myself, I tend to write for the mood of the song. I don’t have any agenda or message to the words I write. It’s more of a mood. Jes and I didn’t consult each other much when writing our individual parts for the album, but we seemed to be on a similar wave length. So that worked out pretty well.

4.     What is the song For All Tomorrows about?

I think it’s about time, age, mortality and acceptance of the inevitable. Not in a depressing way just a matter of fact way. Enjoy every moment because they’re not  guaranteed.

5.     What plans do you have for the future?

Right now we’re very excited to have the album out and seeing people’s reaction to it. We’re working on some things, show-wise, for 2018 and are in the early stage of writing new songs now. We won’t be slowing down that’s for sure. 

Weight Of The Tide

Weight Of The Tide- All Told, review.

Weight of The Tide hail from the USA, and have been around in various guises for many years. Their brand of mixing sludge, doom and bad ass heavy metal has earned them a serious following, and their new album All Told is the perfect mixture of these different styles. Containing two vocalists, and an epic drummer and bassist, the band has some serious edge over some of the other bands mixing in the metal scene at present.

Opening track All Told begins with a volume swell, before moving into a octave intro, containing a headbanging riff throughout the song, big choruses and heavy vocals, the track is definitely one that introduces the album appropriately. The End Becomes You starts with solid bone crunching riffs before moving to a jagged gallop that gets the feet moving and the heart racing. Vocally the song contains some serious melody and the theme of burden and laying it all out to rest fits well with the music and for the times. For All Tomorrows starts with haunting harmony vocals and moves to driving guitar harmonies and searing big, bold melodies and vocal lines, a solid song and one that has potential for massive epicness live.

Years Like Days starts off with a rhythmic pattern similar to black metal, before moving into doom territory, lyrically the song appears to be about the effects of time constraints that individuals place on themselves and how this can negatively affect them. The final track on the record is Architect, sludge riffs, big vocal melodies and solid drum patterns make this a fitting closer, and a song that should get fair reaction when played live.

All Told is a solid effort, and an impressive album. One that has definitely marked out Weight of The Tide as a band to look out for in the future. There was some minor issues in regards to the sound at one point, but other than that a brilliant album. Can’t wait to see the songs played live. 9/10.