Watery-Worldbeater Review

Worldbeater - Watery

Thoughts And Prayers thunders in with chaos, sounding like the ending, but really the beginning of something that is sure to get people moving. A driving, head banging riff, and a thundering drum beat gets the song going, and when the vocals kick in by god, is it something that is sure to get people moving. Breaking The Jaw is filled with big riffs, a metal masterpiece that shifts from heaviness, to fast and heavy with little to no effort. Counterpart is heavy, very heavy, with big destructive riffs that are sure to invoke headbanging throughout the crowd when played live. YNP is fast, punkish with something sort of dark and menacing about it.

Factions is slower, but heavier because of it, with a long droning riff, and a big thundering rhythm section. Genocide Appetite is very much a punk song, with big sharp riffs and roaring vocals. Black Flag is slower, heavier and crueller, with the guitars shifting between elements, and the vocals barking. World Beaten is slower, darker and heavier, a fitting closer.

The album is out now.