Vorbid-Mind Review

VORBID is a fresh and incredibly energetic Progressive Thrash Metal formation from Arendal, Norway. The band fills a quartet with the members Michael Briggs, Daniel Emanuelsen, Marcus Gullovsen and Jonas Tellefsen. The album cover hints towards the conceptual theme of the record – with 5 different figures representing the 5 tracks.

Almost immediately one thing becomes clear as the opening track If There’s Evil kicks in, this is a different sort of band. The riffs are ferocious but without losing any of the melody and kick that would otherwise make the song unlistenable. The vocals take some getting used to, but their high frequency works well on this track as well as the second song Zombie adding a certain haunting element to the track. On Invention Intervention the guitars take centre stage dancing through riffs, chords and other such treats to the listener.

To Mega Therion brings heaviness to a new level, merging an old school classic with some new life. It produces one of the best songs on the record and one that deserves fair airtime live. The next and final song on the record is the monster Mind. The song undergoes many changes throughout its duration, verging from haunting vocal melodies to outright chaotic screeching at turns. The guitars carry the song again. I think perhaps the only downside is the length which does make it seem somewhat overindulgent.

Mind is an interesting album with some very challenging songs. Seeing it performed live would be a treat. Be sure to pick up the album when it is released on 13th April.