Vomitile-Pure Eternal Hate

Artwork Vomitile Pure Eternal Hate.jpg

Mass Extermination kicks things off with a big bombastic shake and shiver, bringing carnage and moshpits if played live. Pestilation shivers, shakes and grooves with the best of them, and the vocals are downright terrifying. Labelled Dead is fast, grooving and shaking, with a seriously meaty riff. Hatefield is jagged, punishing and severe. Glorify The Insane has some serious riffage in it, and drives and shakes with the best of them.

Executioner of Strength is slower, heavier and darker, with a riff that shivers and shakes leading the way. To Deflesh grooves, and pounds its way into the darkness. Nothing But Pain is slower, angrier and much, much heavier than almost anything else on the record. Soulskinner jives and shimmers, a song sure to get moshpits going when played live. Carnal Surgery shimmers, shakes, grooves and slivers through.

The album is out now via Satanath Records.