Viza-The Unorthodox Revival Volume I and II Review


“Viktorious,” comes in with a swagger, and some interesting bass lines dancing through the shines and ensuring that the listener is immediately hooked. “Cash Karma,” comes barrelling in with a solid riff that belies expectation and delivers a serious arse kicking. “Velvet Shade,” a acoustic number that delivers some interesting melodical elements. “A World Of Broken Mirrors,” haunting and dark. “Aphrodite,” a song that belies the edge and moves through the lines and times with some interesting changes here and there. “Vicious Game,” a song filled with melody and heart, alongside a darker edge.

“Pinches,” fierce and a rocker straight out the gate. “Sheep,” discordant and filled with melody of the darker sort. “Diabolic Angel,” reggae and slowly built upon darkness. “Dancing Twig,” a fascinating song with little twists and turns. “Tom Waits For Her,” is a fascinating little dive into the strange and unusual, bringing about some very interesting melodies and changes. “Pathway,” is much heavier and aggressive.


The album is out now via Architects of Melody.