Vision Quest

Vision Quest-Vision Quest Review


“The Quest Begins,” is the perfect introduction, a spoken word intro with dramatic acoustic music starting. “Medieval Hero,” is a dramatic piano rendition with mixed guitar interludes bringing things to the fore. “The Sacred Crown,” is bombastic and encourages headbanging and horn raising. “Valley Of The Lost,” is a thoughtful piece, that strays once or twice, but keeps strong in its roots. “The Eve of Battle,” brings about some serious energy and is quite epic. “Avatar,” is slow, and thoughtful. “The Immortal,” is a rocker with driving riffs.

“Evil Laughter,” is classic power metal, with a stuttering keys lick and a buoyant riff. “Master of Hopes,” is exhilarating from start to finish, never quite giving an indication of where it might end up. “Eternal Love,” the most powerful of power ballads, a soaring melody and a hooky guitar line. “All These Years,” is slow and melodic, with a thoughtful tint to it that belies the heaviness within the lyrical content. “Lost In Time,” another epic number. “Dragons Of Tomorrow,” is very power metal, and very eighties. “The Run,” a melodic closer to a fantastic album.

The album is out on 14th December via Rockshots Records.