Virtual Symmetry

Virtual Symmetry-XLive Review

“Darkened Space,” opens things up, creating a serene atmosphere whilst also eluding to the darkness around the corner. “Programme Error,” is frenetic, dark and powerful. “Elevate,” twists and turns and allows for the vocals to really shine through. “Message From Eternity,” is a soulful song, allowing full scope for the piano to work its magic. “You’ll Never Fall Again,” is dark and menacing, never quite twisting and turning, but always ensuring the listener is left wanting more. “Silent Sweetness,” is softer, more melodic and filled with hope in a sense.

“Eyes of Salvation,” is filled with brooding melodies, shifting up and down. “Alychemra,” is an interesting combination of techno and darkness. “Soul’s Reflections,” is heavy and dark bringing with it a good choral repetition. “Pegasus,” dances through things.