Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele-Seven Devils Moonshine Review

Virgin Steele_SevenDevilsMoonshine_1500px.jpg

“Seven Dead Within,” starts things off nice and heavy, the vocals snarl, the guitars roar, and the orchestration is on point with fierce grooves and slices. “Green Dusk Blues,” has some brilliant piano work and some even better vocal work, soaring to the heavens and above. “Psychic Slaughter,” fits the words on the tin, chaotic and frantic, creating a true sense of chaos. “Bonedust,” epic and chaotic. “Hearts On Fire,” a rip roaring rocker, a metal anthem. “Child Of The Morning Star,” slips and shifts and turns and dances around with fierceness. “Murder In High Gloss Relief,” is a slow thriller, turning and twisting with a sharpness that was perhaps unexpected. “Feral,” a true metal classic, backed with piano and orchestral arrangements. “Justine,” slows things down nicely, adding a touch of chaos and something else entirely. “Princess Amy,” another song that adds melody and heart to the collective. “Wicked Game,” is so very dark and groovy, it’s brilliantly done. “Little Wing,” roars. “The Gods Don’t Remember,” another song that flitters and shakes with power and grace.

“The Evil In Her Eyes,” a rocker. “Feelin’ Alright,” a slow grooving monster. “Sister Moon,” a nice little ditty. “Sweating Into The Dawn,” a song that roars and shakes with power and grace. “Summertime,” allows the vocals to really shine through, and boy do they shine. “Black Leaves,” a discordant rocker. “Rip Off,” a Virgin Steele Monster cover of a classic. “The Gods Are Hungry,” keeps things dark and interesting. “The Poisoned Wound,” thunders and roars. “The Birth of Beauty,” snakes around and snarls with added venom. “Profession Of Violence,” snarls and soars. “Rock Steady,” is a calm before the storm. “Nutshell,” is discordant and dark. “Slow and Easy,” slow and easy wins the race. “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” got the blues well wrapped up. “Soul Kitchen,” another bluesy number. “When The Music’s Over,” keeps things going. “Crawling King Snake,” beats the track. “When The Music’s Over,” reprise’s things. “Imhulu,” makes it interesting with a sharp bite here and there. “After Dark,” pounds away and snarls and bites. “Wake The Dead,” is a classic Virgin Steele song, it contains hooks, and slow seductive vocals. “The Graveyard Dance,” is fast and ferocious. “The Triple Goddess,” is a interesting number. “Twilight Of The Gods,” takes the cake, with its acoustic melodies and fast beat. “Transfiguration,” translates beautifully down to the numbers and the set.

“I Will Come For You,” the orchestral version of an absolute masterpiece, makes it even more epic. Powering through with solid slabs of rock and roll, and just generally being epic. “Queen Of The Dead,” swaggers and waltzs toward completion. “The Orpheus Taboo,” is simply insane. “Kingdom Of The Fearless,” progresses with speed and agility and makes things fascinating. “The Black Light,” rocks and discordantly moves between the senses. “Zeus Ascendant,” feeds nicely into “By The Hammer of Zeus,” a rocker and a shaker. “Rumanian Folk Dance,” is a bit of a head scratcher, but certainly brings an interesting edge to things. “Delirium,” short, sharp and sweet. “Snakeskin Voodoo Man,” bluesy and heavy. “The Enchanter,” is slow, jazzy and something else entirely. “Bone China,” softer, more melodic and grooving. “No Quarter,” hard edged. “Chloe Dancer,” thoughtful and slow building. “Gentle Groove,” moves with a little shuffle. “Darkness Darkness,” bites and sharps. “Death Letter Blues,” rocks and shakes. “Spoonful,” finishes things off nicely.

The collection is out on 23rd November via SPV/Steamhammer.