VINTERSEA “Illuminated”


“Spawn Awakening,” comes out of the barrel directly and with great pomp. It smashes through the lines and snarls its way into prime position for the listeners. “Old Ones,” mashes together different forms and ensures the listener is somewhat torn for what it wants to hear. “Illuminated,” shines through with great power and precision, directing tensions toward something sharp and filled with anger.

“Crack of Light,” comes barrelling in and destroys the semblance of calm, whilst also trying to show the listener that it too can be calm and reflective. It is quite the display. “Fiery Tongue,” is heavy and filled with aggression, destroying the listener’s ears with a frenetic pounding. “Befallen,” roars its power, showing of some primal power that enables it to growl and grow with one fluid motion.

The album is out on 27th September via M Theory.