Veonity-Legend Of The Starborn Review

“Rise Again,” comes in with the guitars swirling a magnificent riff, and it continues on a barrage of melodies and floating chords. “Starborn,” is a galloping masterpiece, centred around some fascinating guitar work and the vocal melodies which ensure that the listener is singing along within moments. “Guiding Light,” blinds and shimmers with intensity and ferocity. “Winds of Asgard,” is ferocious, moving up and down the board with chaotic energy. “Outcasts of Eden,” is a melodical tribute to the start of society as foretold long ago. To that end it is epic and simply impressive. “Sail Away,” slows things down and ensures the listener gets a chance to breathe and appreciate just how impressive the skills on display truly are. “The Prophecy,” shakes with rage and continues to grow with power.

“Warrior Of The North,” is an interesting number, containing hints of Sonata Arctica and other great power metal bands, it has its own unique styling with brutal efficiency. “Gates Of Hell,” fast moving, melodical and somewhat soaring. An impressive range for an impressive song. “Freedom Vikings,” fast moving, powerful and grooving. “Lament,” slower, more thoughtful and somewhat chaotic. “To The Gods,” is anthemic. “United We Stand,” a powerful and moving song with energy and finesse.

The album is out on November 27th via Sliptrick Records.