Vandallus-Bad Disease Review

Infected starts with a gang chant, and moves into some absolute belting rock and roll. Fierce and snarling, the vocals bring the whole thing into perfect clarity, snarling and dancing around the melody. Trash Talk’n is another greater rocker, the grooves and edge on this song are sure to make it a favourite live. Sundown Haze is thoughtful, reflective and curious, searching, different atmospheres and melodies play a huge part in shaping this song. Heart Attacker pounds and shreds, the band are on fire here, mixing groove with balls. Shock is a chaser, a faster more riff orientated song, and brilliant for it.

Shake Down gives both barrels moving and chasing things right from the off, ensuring that the listener is taken along for the ride and enjoying it every step of the way. Loaded is a classic rocker, with the time stops, and the brutal melodies over hanging everything. Vandallus is slower, a build up, a marathon rather than a spring, and it kicks some serious ass because of it. Bad Disease is a fitting finale, slower, thoughtful and filled with edge and bite.

The album is out on 28th September via Pure Steel Records.