Unleashed-The Hunt For The White Christ Review

Unleashed_The Hunt For White Christ_small.jpg

“Lead Us Into War,” starts things off with a barrelling riff and a snarling vocal line, brutality incarnate. “You Will Fall,” is oriental, dark and mystifying, bringing with it something on the level of intensity for a mosh. “Stand Your Ground,” batters the listener from the get go, bringing riff galore. “Gram,” shimmers, shakes and roars to completion. “Terror Christ,” shakes from the ground down, bringing with it an interesting sense of completion and darkness. “They Rape The Land,” starts everything off, bringing barrels of anger and mosh pit worthy riffs to the fore.

“The City of Jorsala Shall Fall,” shifts and shakes, bringing heaviness and grit to the fore, damaging the listener’s ears with heaviness and carnage. “The Hunt For White Christ,” is simple brutality brought to life. “Vida,” another slab of carnage. “By The Western Wall,” brings it all down pat, snarling and terrifying the listener. “Open To All The World,” another song that finishes things up nicely.

The album is out on 26th October via Napalm Records.