Unholy Baptism

Unholy Baptism-Volume 1 The Bonds of Servitude Review

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The intro is haunting, brooding, and surreal, you can almost taste the rage that is approaching. These Scars Are Wounds Unleashed comes pounding in, proving that there is brutality to be delivered upon, snarling into being this is pure rage. Shattered bellows and demands to be heard, with the guitars snarling into being. Withering Woods pounds and grounds, beating the listener repeatedly until they snap their neck in awe.

Whispers of Power Eternal snarls and growls. Peering Into Flames Of Enlightenment follows a similar sort of path. Noctis keeps the heat going, pounding the listener with bolt after bolt of aggression. Baptized In The Majesty of Satan snarls, and demands to be heard.

The album is out 5th October.