Tyranno-Skulls, Horns and Lust Review

Cover Art Tyranno Skulls Horns and Lust.jpg

Satan’s Domain comes barrelling in with some emphatic snarling riffs, and some very high octane vocals. Followed by Borinage which produces some seriously grooving headbanging riffs. I’m Obsessed is fast, energetic and chaotic. The Hound moves, slithers and shakes, with thunderous applause. Black Soul of Discord snarls, and grits itself through fury.

Fall Of The Black Messiah is high octane, angry and destructive. Burned Alive is similar, but with an added brutal edge. King is thunderous and aggressive. Born dead is similar, but with the added menace threatening to break out throughout. The Great Homage Night has energy, chaos and thrills.

The album is out now via PRC Music.