Tyfon's Doom

Tyfon’s Doom-Emperor’s Path Review

Tyfon’s Doom has developed a devoted fan following through their traditional blend of heavy metal that avoids the traps and stereotypes that many other bands follow. As such,  their debut album recorded in 2016, brings with it much anticipation and hype.

Tyrant’s Sceptre is the first track on the record, it is a fast number with a jungle beat and duelling guitars that set the tone for the record quite nicely. The Hidden Hand brings a swaggering gallop to the proceedings, building on what Tyrant’s Sceptre started. This is continued with Sea of Life, which with its duelling guitars and slower tempo creates a chaotic feeling. Beyond Treason, starts with a haunting spoken word intro, before moving toward head moving, ground shaking galloping riffs and vocals that make one thing of pure evil. Endless War starts with an acoustic jig, that creates a nice difference for the listener, before moving into a heavy riff onslaughter and growling vocals that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Moonlight contains sprawling guitars, shredding solos and epic vocal reaches. Howling Danger is a fast number, a classic rocker. The Rider From The Abandoned Town starts with a bluesy shuffle, the acoustic guitars add a great touch and the vocals take on the storytelling niche that is so very unique nowadays. Rising Earth, is a huge number, epic in every single way, from the big guitars to the searing vocals that send shivers down your spine. Emperor’s Path is the final track on the record, beginning with a vocal and guitar duel, it is simply a huge number.

For a debut album, Emperor’s Path is a brilliant take. Filled with songs that are sure to be classics, Tyfon’s Doom have hit a winner here. Seeing this show on the road would be fantastic. 10/10.