Twisted Tower Dire

Twisted Tower Dire-Wars In The Unknown Review

“The Thundering,” starts, as all great power metal albums must start, with a gust of wind, it moves into a battering ram of entertainment and metal, bringing about all sorts of frenzied activity. “True North,” is a galloping anthem. Ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Tear You Apart,” is a rocking monster of a song, delivering growth and power. “Light The Swords On Fire,” is an interesting development, moving one way and then another. Delivering a hammer blow and ensuring that the listener is kept hooked from the get go. “And The Sharks Came Then,” another thunderous riff magnet, delivering power, grace and energy to all and sundry.

“Riding The Fortress,” another riff monster of a song. “Eons Beyond,” a galloping monster of a song, that hooks one in and does not let them go. “A Howl In The Wind.” is an interesting change of a song, moving this way and that. “The Beast I Fear,” is an interesting song, it ventures this way and that, delivering gallops and pain. “These Ghosts Can Never Leave,” another song that carries weight and power.

The album is out on 15th March via No Remorse Records.