Trollwar-Oath Of The Storm Review

Trollwar Oath of the Storm LP 2018 Cover Artwor...

“Intro,” suitably titled, it doesn’t add unnecessary flair, it keeps things to the point and direct. “Summoning,” now that is a song that brings some fierceness into proceedings. Filled with aggression and duelling melodies, it continues apace. “Into Shadows,” rip roaring and energising, darkness embodied completely. “The Forsaken One,” dark and gripping, with a soaring melody. “In Defiance,” bold, thoughtful and filled with aggression from the get go. “Hymn For The Vanquished,” a legendary tale weaved into being, filled with heart and soul.

“Forgotten,” embellished with grain and power, dancing through the sledges and ensuring the grit is there. “Omens of Victory,” powered on a galloping riff that never relents, perfectly executed. “Shores of Madness,” flits this way and that, whilst also ensuring there is a twisted turn. “Winter’s Night,” a full throttled journey. “Outro,” does what it says on the tin.

The album is out on 16th November.