Traveler-Traveler Review

“Starbreaker,” is a fascinating beginning to this journey. Moving within the time and metre, and never letting up. It weaves a tale, and allows the vocals to do the talking whilst never quite letting up from the edge. “Street Machine,” is a fast racing mover and shaker. Bringing energy and growth to the fore and ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Behind The Iron,” a grooving number that moves this way and that, with a fascinating riff and a hook and bell. “Konamized,” a song that delivers the goods. Fierce, fast and on the point at all times, bringing energy and dynamism.

“Up To You,” through the littering of licks and sprinkles, develops the sense of urgency and ensures that the listener is kept hooked. The galloping riffs and the charges ensure that things do not slow down for an instant. “Fallen Heroes,” a tribute to the fallen, is built on a solid riff, and an even pounding on the vocals. “Mindless Maze,” starts of slowly, with the clean guitar leads slowly building into being. It then becomes an epic shred fest and the listener is taken on an impassioned journey. “Speed Queen,” a fast moving, hell raising, barn storming song never lets up and keeps pushing through everything.

The album is out on 22nd February via Gates Of Hell Records.