Traveler/Coronary Split Demo Review


Split demos are quite the rage in heavy metal music, therefore when two great up and coming metal bands decide to record and put together a record, you know you’re going to be in for a treat.

Traveler are first with some interesting melodies and thundering guitars and vocals on Starbreaker, this is sure to be an epic one to see live. Behind The Iron is fast, anthemic and fuelled with the sort of energy that makes metal the greatest music genre out there. Mindless Maze is slightly slower, more thoughtful, with haunting guitar lines and melodies.

Coronary begin with Firewings a song filled with energy and head moving riffs, something that is sure to earn them praise when they play live. Bullet Train is slower, and is an absolute rocker, moving, shaking and thundering its way through. Mestengo is anthemic, big guitar riffs and solid vocal lines, making this a fitting closer.

The split is released on 27th July via Gates of Hell Records.