Trauma-As The World Dies Review

“The Rage,” slow, dark and chaotic. A perfect opener that truly brings to life the growing darkness and desperation of the world. “From Here to Hell,” another rip roaring masterpiece dangling through on the back of some serious metal riffage. “As The World Dies,” slows things down, considers the pace and then lets rip. “Gun To Your Head,” another rocker, snarling and snorting through the times and pace. “Last Rites,” heaviness incarnate, bringing about something truly magnificent.

“Run For Cover,” slows things down slightly, allowing for some interesting melodical arrangements, before kicking things up a notch. “Asylum,” dark from the get go and never slowing down. “Entropy,” haunting and brutal. “Cool Aid,” a chaotic thrasher. “Savage,” a savage rocker backed by some serious riffs.

The album is out on February 15th.