Trash Deity

Trash Deity-Cross and Divide Review


Cross and Divide is heavy, with a mix of groove and pace, that carries it well as the introduction into the album. Run 4 Your Lies mixes distortion with grit and tension, producing an interesting fusion. Fame Games is an interesting divergence, producing soul and tributes to something that would work well within the late 2000s groove scene. Frantic Child is just that, frantic and grooving. A Perfect One shimmers and shifts, producing one big splodge after another.

Hardrive is hard, mixing elements of rock with elements of funk. Finger on A Trigger is grooving and mixing elements of industrial with darkness. Emotions Matter is an interesting trance like song, elements of Daft Punk. Icons and Idols is rock at its core, big riffs, and pounding rhythms. The remix of Finger on a Trigger is an interesting divergence.

The album is out on 7th September via Metropolis.