Torii-A Judgement Divine

A Judgement Divine.jpg

A Black/Death Metal duo who are releasing their new album A Judgement Divine on June Eighth, bring the thunder.

Army of Sand is haunting, with the guitars creating a mix of distorted sounds and voices, and deep tremulous melodies. Theory of Existence is a mix of harmonised guitars and frantic beating chaos, a brilliant mix that the duo pull off fabulously well. The Grand Banquet is dark, brooding, and frantic all at once, the guitars create the sense that there is something lurking behind the shadows, just out reach, whilst the vocals are piercing and sharp.

Dirus Serpens is slower, more melodic and thoughtful, packing some serious weight and ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Gates of Paradise is dark, brooding and simply monstrous. A Judgement Divine, the title track is big, emphatic and melodic, with some serious hooks thrown in.

If you are a fan of black or death metal be sure to get this album when it is released on 8th June.