Tomorrow's Outlook

Tomorrow’s Outlook-A Voice Unheard Review

6 panel digipack

Starting off with a bass lick, Within The World of Dreams quickly builds into a frantic song, smashing through the riffs and the chords and the progression from slow to fast within a blink of an eye, a fantastic opener. Descent has the makings of an epic song, slow bass lick followed by soaring vocals and the roar of the guitars. Through Shuttered Eyes has the swagger of a song that would go down like a treat live. Bringing groove, riffage and balls to the fore.

A Voice Unheard starts with acoustic guitars, the electric coming in for a lead part, that creates the sense of something greater and grander about to happen. As the song speeds up and hits the verse and the melody, you can tell that this is a song that will get the crowd moving live. Outlaw starts with harmonised guitars, anticipation fills the air, and the guitar melody brings the sense of the old west, cowboys and Billie the Kid. Times of War has an eastern feel, the song structured in such a way to create the chaos and the horror of war within the listener. The Enemy is a slower more thoughtful song that is just as heavy as those that have gone before it, indeed the slower tempo of the song makes it all the more epic.

One Final Prayer begins with the guitar ripping a solo over the drums of war, as the harmonies kick in, the anticipation builds, the gallop comes and the song continues through the sense of epicness is unrivalled. Fly Away is a gallop that continues the awesomeness of One Final Prayer with the melodies and the changing licks and twists. Nothing Shall Remain is an epic closer, a song that verges between the truth and the minute change within tempo. A song that allows the band to shine.

Finishing with two cover songs, Tomorrow’s Outlook have written a master class album and one that is sure to garner a great many followers. Be sure to get the album when it is released on 6th April via Battlegood Productions.