Tomb of Finland

Tomb Of Finland-Frozen Beneath Review

Tomb Of Finland - Frozen Beneath.jpg

Dead Again comes in off the back of harmonised guitars, slithering through, tempting the listener, getting them hooked on some fine guitar work. It then moves into a gallop and a moving monstrosity. From Here To Eternity is a snarling snake, dancing and moving from one post to another. Decaying in Silence is similar though with added bite. Beneath The Frozen Depravity is haunting and epic, the guitars swell and the vocals roar. Funeral Pyre pounds its way through the listener’s ears.

Left To Die snarls, growls and downright terrifies the listener, it starts with a sense of epicness in the guitar chordal arrangement and progresses from there. Mourning Chant is slow, haunting and downright terrifying. Scattering Ashes is slow, menacing and aggressive. Into The Abyss is the fitting end to the album, slow thoughtful and aggressive.

The album is out on 14th September via Mighty Music.