Toby Hitchcock

Toby Hitchcock- Reckoning

TOBY HITCHCOCK reckoning.jpg

Toby Hitchcock has the voice of an angel mixed with a lion. A definitive roar.  This new album is just further proof of that.

“No Surrender,” the opening number is filled with little tilts and nods, and my god the opening vocal line is powerful. “Promise Me,” is a soaring grand epic, filled with melodies and powerful lines and phrases. “Show Me How To Live,” is how one does a ballad properly. Proper vocal intonation and some solid growing changes. “Behind The Lies,” is classic rock and roll song, that sounds as if it could be from Rainbow’s classic catalogue. “Fighting For My Life,” is a thoughtful number, drawing on the eighties in great mixing, and then bringing about the powerful vocal talents of Toby.

“Serenity,” another great rocker, moving and shaking with the beat. “Queen Untouchable,” is something else entirely, a powerful driving number, bringing something serious and strong to the fore. “Gift of Flight,” a soaring powerful melodical journey through one step to the next. “Don’t Leave,” another rocker and a strong one at that. Simply amazing. “This Is Our World,” a sonnet about the dangers of the current climate in the world. A powerful reminder. “Someone Like You,” whipping out the nostalgia once more.

The album is out now via Frontiers Music.