TIR-Metal Shock

“Cita In Fiamme,” comes barrelling in with that jagged one two that gets listeners hooked from the get go. It moves into a sharp charge from there on in. “La Sfida,” slows things down, adding a thoughtful edge to proceedings, ensuring that the listener has to take a moment out to really grasp just what epicness it is that they are listening to. “Banche Armate,” is pure rock and roll with added thunder in the riffs. “La Luna,” takes things to another level. Stop and start riffs are nothing new, but there is something else about things that really gets them going. Fleshed out and turned into something new and positive. “Crazy Mama,” is balls out rock and roll, changing and shifting from one moment to the next, ensuring the grind keeps on going. “Dentro,” another song that keeps the beat going, bringing jagged rhythms and sharp riffs in the face.

“Lasciateci,” a fast moving rocker with the grit to drive something into the fire. “Metal Shock,” a fast moving rocker that delivers on the promises of the introduction and slams into everything and everyone. “Beat 150,” a thundering rocker, that just keeps the good times going. “Mitra,” fast and jagged with a growing sense of urgency that shapes and shifts. “Memoria Faber,” brings the acoustic melodies out and changes perceptions slightly, to encourage a brief moment of respite before really kicking things off.

The album is out on 10th May via Gates of Hell Records.