Third Storm

Third Storm-The Grand Manifestation Review


“Prima Mobilae,” enters the fray with some interesting melody choices. It is at turns a snarling monolith, and at others a crushing interwoven tapestry. “As The Stars Watched The Birth Of,” is a jangling tribute to Death and Black Metal. “The Third Thought From The Sun,” is a slow moving and pounding beast. “Sapiens Formulae,” is haunting and degenerate.

“Through Eyes Of Omnipresent,” changes and jangles from the grips of sanity into all sorts of chaos. “Forgotten Deity,” shimmers and shifts with the times producing something that is quite bone chilling. “Gorakaathuar,” snarls and pounds away with efficiency. “In Wrath Enshrouded,” is another song that takes the tempo up a few notches.

The album is out on 9th November via Dark Descent Records.