Them-Manor Of The Se7en Gables Review


“Residuum,” is absolutely creepy, a fantastic introduction to the hellish landscape that is about to unfold before the listener. “Circuitous,” drives hard. The riffs come barrelling out from first light, producing some fascinating and intricately drive melodies. The vocals snarl and bite, the tale of the world unfolds. “Refuge In The Manor,” a song that comes straight out of the gate with fire and ice. It snarls and roars in equal measure. “Witchfinder,” dances along with some brilliantly blinding riffs, there is a sense of bite and pulse within the melodies and the edge is most definitely reinforced. “A Scullery Maid,” a interlude between the chaos. “Ravna,” haunting and ethereal, it drives forward at pace, whilst barely pausing for light refreshment. The guitars mesh well with the chaotic blend in the vocal melodies.

“As The Sage Burns,” chaotic and pure insanity, it drives a hard bargain; producing some of the finest melodies on the album so far. “The Secret Stairs,” has pile driver esque riffs, snarling from the first point of contact, whilst the vocals are soaring and weaving their magic. “Peine Forte Et Dure,” harmonises perfectly, with the guitars and piano weaving a despondent image of one type or another. “Maleficium,” drives itself hard, producing something akin to beautiful chaos, truly the song seems as if it has come from another world. “Seven Gables To Ash,” another song that drives its way forward with power and might, determining itself to be a rallying cry to the world. “Punishment By Fire,” quick, rip roaring and a magnificent bastard of a song, a finale worthy of the name.

Manor Of The Se7en Gables is out on 26th October via Steamhammer/SPV Records.